VW finally shows electric GTI as a concept

VW finally shows electric GTI as a concept

Volkswagen is taking its legendary GTI brand with it into the age of electric cars.

I would have thought it negligent if Volkswagen let a brand like GTI fall by the wayside when it came to electrifying its own brand. And one seems to have understood that this would not be the right way. GTX instead of GTI, that doesn’t work. After an electric GTI logo appeared, an ID. GTI as a concept.


The combustion engine fans will of course scream, because the abbreviation GTI, for example, contains the word injection. Of course, that doesn’t make sense with an electric car. But I would bet that most people don’t know what GTI even stands for anyway. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s a combustion engine or an EV.

VW promises a sports car suitable for everyday use for the electric car age, which should be on the streets by 2027 at the latest on an MEB basis. So it all takes quite a long time again, even though these cars are already being built using the modular principle. What VW has to do by then are powerful drives. You let MG outdo you.

New concept shows “how the GTI label will be carried over into the age of electromobility”


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