Thanks to a new projection technology, virtual reality glasses could soon hardly be stronger than sunglasses. Facebook is currently testing prototypes.

The good news: chunky virtual reality glasses are a thing of the past. Bad news – this may still take a while. One thing is certain, however: Facebook is currently testing prototypes of VR headsets that are barely stronger than sunglasses. This flat design is made possible by a special “holographic” image projection technology using a laser. Currently, however, the reproduced images are still rather dark and slightly washed out.

If you don’t want to wait until the lightweights are ready for the market: According to insiders, Facebook subsidiary Oculus could already present new VR glasses called “Oculus Quest 2” or “Oculus Quest S” on September 15th. Like the predecessor, the variant should do without a computer, only weigh 450 instead of 570 grams and be 10 to 15 percent smaller. The built-in displays can display 90 frames per second.

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