VR browser Wolvic 0.9.6 released

Wolvic, the browser for virtual and mixed reality, has been released in version 0.9.6 and brings some notable improvements.

Igalia has released Wolvic 0.9.6. Wolvic is a browser for virtual and mixed reality, which is based on the discontinued Firefox Reality. The current version is available for download in the Meta Quest Store and in the Huawei App Gallery.

Newer version of the GeckoView engine

In contrast to the last version of Firefox Reality, which still used the Mozilla GeckoView engine in version 81, Wolvic 0.9.6 uses GeckoView 96.

Sync and send tabs

After the first version after the announcement of Wolvic, unlike Firefox Reality, did not yet support syncing and sending tabs, this function can now also be used in Wolvic. Bookmarks and tabs can be synced between Wolvic and Firefox on other platforms.

Changing the search engine

What wasn’t possible in Firefox Reality was changing the search engine. Google was always used. Wolvic 0.9.6 allows changing the search engine. In addition to Google, Bing, Ecosia, Qwant, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia and Amazon are also available in German-speaking countries.

Anti-aliasing for WebXR sessions

Wolvic 0.9.6 supports Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) for WebXR sessions, which significantly reduces jaggedness in the display. For the Meta Quest 2, MSAA 2x is enabled by default. In the display settings, MSAA can be activated 2x or 4x or MSAA can be deactivated.

Other innovations

The first time Wolvic is launched, Wolvic’s privacy policy will be displayed.

Users of a Huawei VR Glass headset should be happy about the support of Meetkai speech recognition. Also fixed issues with the 6DoF controller and vertical scrolling on Huawei devices.

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Links to support articles have been added to some settings.

There are also other general and device-specific bug fixes and improvements for the Meta Quest 2 and Huawei VR Glass.

Outlook: Support for different engines

The team is already working on supporting different engines for a future update, so that in future Wolvic can also be used with the WPE/WebKit and Chromium engines in addition to Mozilla’s GeckoView engine.



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