The DJs Emmely de Wilt, Frank van ‘t Hof and Wouter van der Goes will fire the starting gun for the Stemweek on Saturday 27 November at 11.30 am. From then until Friday 3 December 4 pm, listeners can submit a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 35 songs of their own choice for the list of lists via

Top 2000 Ballot Box

During the Voting Week, the Top 2000 Ballot Box tours criss-cross the country to collect votes and motivations from listeners. The morning show with Jan-Willem Roodbeen and Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte comes live from the Ballot Box every working day (06:00 to 09:00), just like the evening show with Wouter van der Goes and Frank van ‘t Hof (6:00 to 20:00). Also during other broadcasts on NPO Radio 2, Wouter and Frank regularly switch in the Stembus.

Voting day

During the Voting Final Day on Friday 3 December, the number 1 of the Top 2000 of 2021 will be announced around 4.45 pm.

NPO Radio 2 Top 2000

The NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 is one of the largest radio and music events in the Netherlands, attended by approximately 10 million people every year. The list of 2000 songs is compiled every year by the public and can be heard from Christmas Day 00.00 until New Year’s Eve on NPO Radio 2. The NTR provides the television broadcasts Top 2000 Quiz, Top 2000 – The Untold Stories and Top 2000. a gogo on NPO 3. The broadcast of the Top 2000 from the Top 2000 Café in Sound and Vision in Hilversum can also be followed 24 hours a day via, NPO 1 extra and at night on NPO 3.

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