Voronezh residents were warned about the futility of antibiotics against covid. Antimicrobial drugs do not work on viruses and can harm the body without a doctor’s prescription. On Friday, October 8, the head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the Burdenko Medical University, Galina Batishcheva, recalled this.

In the first days after the onset of the disease, the virus actively multiplies in the human body. Antibiotics have no effect on this process. On the contrary, the target of the antibiotic is the normal intestinal microflora, which performs protective functions in the body.

The need to take antibiotics appears only in the case of a bacterial infection, and only a doctor can determine it in the human body – including with the help of tests.

Preventive use of antimicrobial drugs in advance, in order to reduce the risk of bacterial infection, also makes no sense and only weakens the immune system. In addition, taking antibiotics creates a problem not only for the individual who started taking them without good reason, but also for others: due to the uncontrolled intake of such drugs, their effectiveness in general decreases.

Not only coronavirus is now dangerous for people – the epidemic threshold for the incidence of ARVI among adults in Voronezh was exceeded by 178%. In winter, the medical doctors reminded how not to sleep with colds and flu.

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