Ursula von der Leyen will be, as of November 1, President of the European Commission replacing Jean-Claude Juncker and the first woman in accessing the most relevant position of the European institutions although it will do so with a very tight support: 383 votes in favor, 327 against, 22 abstentions and one null vote, which means so only 9 more than 374 in which the absolute majority was fixed.

A support that reveals the Great fragmentation of the European Parliament and the anger with the agreement on the distribution of senior officials closed by European leaders on July 2, when his name appeared by surprise. "In democracy, the majority is the majority. Two weeks ago I did not have a majority because they did not know me. There was a lot of resentment regarding the process of the spitzenkandidaten & rdquor; so "I am extremely happy that after 13 days we have managed to form a pro-European majority. It is a good starting point, von der Leyen has celebrated during a brief press conference after a vote in ballot box and secret.

The German, who will bid farewell to the defense ministry and its troops on Wednesday, has used her credential more pro-European, social, ecologist and feminist to stop the bleeding of votes and achieve an endorsement that had been uphill. The result, however, is far from the one obtained by the Luxembourger five years ago when it was approved with 422 votes in favor.

Uncertainty until the end

Liberals and Social Democrats have maintained uncertainty until the last minute, although both blocs have finally endorsed the candidate appointed by the heads of state and government of the EU and have joined the EPP. Among the three groups, the majority in the chamber, have 444 MEPs (out of 747), which suggests important defections. Among those delegations that have not followed the vote slogan of the social democratic party are the German as well as those of Holland, France, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Greece and part of Bulgaria have voted against while British Labor has done it in favor.

They have also announced their vote in favor of 5 Star Italian Movement and the Polish ultraconservatives of Law and Justice, the largest delegation of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), which has withdrawn its blockade despite the veto of the European Parliament's employment commission to elect its former prime minister, Beata Szydlo, as president. In view of the tight majority, some sources have raised doubts about Polish support. Both the Greens / European Free Alliance, the Unitary Left like the extreme right of Identity and Democracy, including the Northern League, have announced their vote against.

Europeanist message and program

The German was aware of how much was played and has come to the plenary with all the artillery and her more Europeanist baggage. "I felt European before being aware that I was German and from Lower Saxony. For me there is only one principle: unite Europe. Whoever Europe strengthens will have me as an ally and a passionate fighter but whoever wants to weaken it, divide it and lower its values ​​will run into its worst enemy. Viva Europa & rdquor; proclaimed after taking the floor.

In French, English and German he has threshed his vision of Europe and its program of priorities which includes a new pact for the climate during the first 100 hundred days of its mandate because "the most urgent thing is to keep the planet healthy", with more ambitious objectives to reach climate neutrality by 2050, and with an increase in the reduction of CO2 emissions to 50% or 55% by 2030 because the current 40% is "insufficient". It has also opted for large-scale investments and funds for the most backward countries, which need support to achieve a just transition and the mobilization of a trillion euros as well as a border rate to CO2 so that European companies are not at a disadvantage compared to those of third countries.

Gender equality and violence

The gender equality He also plays a central role in his plans. Since 1958, as explained, there have been 183 commissioners but only 35 have been women, which represents less than 20%. "We represent half of the population and we want the part that corresponds to us," he has claimed. His intention is to form a peer commissioners' college, with half men and half women and, if the Member States do not propose a sufficient number of women commissioners, "I will not hesitate to ask for new names." In this regard, she has announced her intention to propose the inclusion of the violence against women as crime in the EU Treaty. "If one in five women have suffered physical or sexual violence in the EU and 55% of women have been sexually harassed, it is clearly not a problem for women only," he warned.

Refering to immigration policy, one of the great pending subjects of the EU, has announced that it will promote a new migratory pact. He acknowledged that "in the last five years more than 17,000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean", that "our obligation is to save lives". and that it is necessary to promote "humanitarian corridors". But at the moment it has not proposed concrete proposals beyond its commitment to strengthening the Frontex agency, the fight against illegal immigration and the modernization of the asylum system. "We need a new way to share the burden," he said.

Rule of law

In what has not been too precise is in the mechanism to fight against countries that violate the rules of the rule of law although he has warned that "there can be no concession & rdquor; in this field and that will be firm. "I will guarantee that we use all the tools that we have at a European level," he assured, promising also the right of initiative to the European Parliament, a convention on the future of Europe and the improvement of the list of heads to be chaired by the European Commission.

In economic matters, finally, it has promised a minimum wage that allows European citizens to "live with dignity". in countries that do not yet have it and a unemployment insurance mechanism to improve the protection of workers in countries whose economies suffer sudden adverse shocks. "It is not the people who have to be at the service of the economy but the economy that of the people," he has vindicated in a clear nod to the socialists.

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