More and more brands are seeking to develop a sustainable automotive future. Electric cars have become the solution to this problem and without exception, Volvo has managed to transform itself into one of the automotive brands with the best innovations in this field.

Volvo XC40 Recharge compact SUV is the new model in the brand’s electric line, joining the XC40 Recharge Twin. Its characteristics are unmatched, it has unique innovations that present us with the future of these sustainable cars.

Photos: Volvo

Speed ​​and Sustainability in a single model

Sustainability is not synonymous with slowness and Volvo proves it with its latest launch. Volvo’s XC40 Recharge SUV surprises by possessing not one, but two electric motors that powers the front wheels and a 69 kWh battery that manages to reach up to 231 horsepower and a planned range of 400 km on just one charge with the WLTP driving cycle. It gives us everything we expect from a car and more. Best of all, thanks to its new fast-charging system, the battery can go from 10 to 80 percent capacity in about 32 minutes.

Volvo XC40
Photos: Volvo

Both electric models have a better range and efficiency in their system and transmission. With a much more powerful engine and balanced performance for all types of driving.

Technology to the max

The XC40 never ceases to amaze us with all the new technology that it incorporates into its models. With a more robust operating system and software, which are updated via wireless connections, you can update your car with the latest from Volvo.

In addition, it has a personalized infotainment system with the Android operating system, which will have Google assistants such as Google Maps and Google Play among its services.

Volvo XC40

By obtaining one of these models you will have access to a care offer that includes service, warranty, roadside assistance, as well as insurance and home charging stations; everything you need to elevate the electric car experience.

Volvo shows us that electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. If this has not been enough to make you fall in love, you can buy it through the official Volvo Car Mexico website, at a Volvo dealer or online from an advisor. Find out all the details at

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