Roberto Cazzaniga

The sportsman contributed for 15 years to the (non-existent) care for his Brazilian “girlfriend” who was actually a girl from Cagliari

SASSARI. Like in fairy tales. The charming prince is Roberto Cazzaniga, an excellent volleyball player of almost two meters who for years was among the best opposites of the Italian top league, even reaching the national team. The princess is Maya, a beautiful Brazilian who lives in Cagliari and has been fighting a heart disease for some time, to the point of asking her prince for help to defeat his ailments. The two have been engaged for 15 years. But, just as happens in fairy tales, the story is invented from scratch with the exception of the description by Roberto Cazzaniga. Yet the volleyball player believed he was romantically linked to Maya by a very long relationship, a time when Roberto gave his “girlfriend” a good 700 thousand euros for her treatments, despite having only heard her on the phone and never had it. met. A long series of gifts ended when Le Iene di Italia 1, summoned by Roberto’s friends and relatives, unmasked the incredible scam which, unfortunately, had a 50% base in Sardinia.

The scam. The beautiful Maya was actually Valeria Satta, from Cagliari, owner of the Postepay card on which Roberto had poured a river of money. Valeria aka Maya had come into telephone contact with the volleyball player through Manuela Passero, Roberto’s best friend. It’s hard to say if it all started as a joke or if the scam was planned. The fact is that Manuela made the Cupid by introducing Roberto to Maya, who to avoid bad figures chose to take advantage of the photos of one of the angels of Victoria’s Secret, the Brazilian supermodel (she really is) Alessandra Ambrosio. Cazzaniga completely fell for it and began his long-distance relationship with Maya-Vittoria-Alessandra. It was 2006 and from the long love calls, on the other side of the cable there was Valeria Satta and her accent not at all Brazilian, we soon moved on to wire transfers. Maya explained her problems to Roberto, even going so far as to boast of a heart operation that took place right in Cagliari. Interventions and treatments that Maya needed money for, a lot of money. He had told Roberto that his accounts were blocked and that he could not draw in any way from his finances, which were quite large. And so, Roberto paid. Up to asking for loans from relatives and friends, borrowing more than 40 thousand euros.

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Reality. Those who have played high-level sports know it: the locker room is a place with a very high coefficient of gossip. The story of Roberto and his phantom Brazilian girlfriend immediately became a topic of discussion. First with the air that is reserved for the clumsy friend in love with an imaginary woman. Certainly not an exclusive of Roberto. Then, however, things fell apart and the avalanches of money that the volleyball player spent day after day also worried his teammates who, in fact, took less than a moment to understand that Maya’s photos were actually those of Alessandra Ambrosio. . But Roberto did not give up and took refuge from his friend Manuela Passero, to whom he had also given a car used by the carabiniere boyfriend, who was also the only one to have really met (so she said) the beautiful Maya. To undermine the convictions of the volleyball player it was necessary to track down Valeria Satta and make her confess the scam, or at least part of it since Satta said he did not concoct it but took part in it, also because the money ended up in his account. Only after this step did Roberto surrender to the evidence and filed a complaint with the Guardia di Finanza. Now he hopes to get his money back. For the lost time, however, there is no solution.

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