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At the end of 2021 Tesla has managed to remain the most relevant firm in terms of electric cars based on its sales figures. However, as the products of different manufacturers become commercially established, the distance between Tesla and the rest is gradually decreasing. It is the case of Volkswagen Group and its electric cars, which, although it has closed 2021 with discreet figures with respect to Tesla according to each model in particular, show a significant advance if all its sales are added and put in context.

As the Volkswagen Group has detailed in the last of its reports, regarding the sales figures of its electric cars in 2021, among all the firms of the German consortium they have managed to commercialize a total of 452,900 electric cars (excluding plug-in hybrids) for the 936,172 units registered globally by Tesla, of which 911,208 correspond to sales relative to the Model 3 and Model Y (with a higher proportion of the former).

Both data, then, show a still large difference (more than double, to tell the truth), but the truth is that the Volkswagen Group has managed to double its last mark, improving by 96% the 2020 figures.

A priori comparing the sales of multiple firms with those of a single brand may seem an unfair comparison in some way, but taking into account that Tesla is a global firm that sells all its models in all the markets in which it operates, and As the Volkswagen Group divides its markets by makes and models, inequality is partly dissipated.

The Volkswagen ID.4 was the best-selling electric car in the entire Volkswagen Group in 2021.

The Volkswagen Group has broken down the sales of its electric cars by model, and the most fruitful in terms of commercial scope has been the electric SUV of the parent firm, the Volkswagen ID.4, with 119,600 units sold. The ID.3, also from Volkswagen, is the consortium’s second best-selling electric car with 75,500 units.

The result of the Škoda Enyaq is striking, because together with the Volkswagen e-up! (with which it differs greatly in terms of price) it is the only model whose commercialization is exclusively focused on the European market, and even so it has managed to harvest almost 45,000 units. The Porsche Taycan, for its part, is the most exclusive electric car of the Volkswagen Group and with its more than 41,000 sales it has helped, in part to the record that Porsche has achieved at the end of last year.

Among the best-selling models of the German consortium there are, at the moment, no sign of SEAT SA electric cars., a role that in these early stages falls on the CUPRA Born and the commercially defunct at this point, SEAT Mii Electric.

Volkswagen Group’s best-selling electric cars in 2021

  1. Volkswagen ID.4 – 119.600
  2. Volkswagen ID.3 – 75.500
  3. Audi e-tron – 49,200
  4. ŠKODA Enyaq iV – 44,700
  5. Volkswagen e-up! – 41.400
  6. Porsche Taycan – 41,300



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