The Mexican airline Volaris will dispense with 112 pilots, at least for the remainder of the year, as a result of the crisis experienced by the airline industry due to the pandemic Covid-19while you will only be left with 62 aircraft instead of 88 that he had planned for the last quarter of the year.

He also asked these 112 crew members their “voluntary resignation” in exchange for “liquidation”, which, according to labor, means 3 months and 12 days per year, instead of settlement that would only include the benefits not paid at the moment. It was also said that these voluntary resigners they would have priority to return to the company as soon as recovery begins.

Alejandro Espejel, the company’s flight operations manager, held a talk with some pilots, where he explained that during March it was planned to finish the 2020 with 88 planes and 958 captains; however, the health emergency led to a reduction in flights and cancellations.

In context, he explained that until last March, the ultra low cost line operated with a fleet of 82 aircraft manned by 952 pilots; For the month of April, only 14 planes flew and remained with 130 active captains. The remaining staff were given “leave without pay.”

By May, they increased their fleet to 35 aircraft, and the following month they grew to 42; This minimally triggered the reinstatement of some pilots. Because of that, decided to go from 952 captains to 830, as well as remaining with 62 active aircraft for the remainder of the year.

Volaris hopes to resume the performance it managed in previous semesters and will need the captains, which is why it informed that the pilots who are left out must sign “A voluntary resignation”, so that legally, they can be called without problem when required and they must take charge of keeping their licenses and other certifications current.

“This plan is the result of hard work, in coordination with all areas -including Human Resources and Operations Management-, to make the determination, which although it is not the one we like best, is the most convenient, seeing the scenario we have “, noted the captain José Juan Gutiérrez, chief pilot at Volaris.

Given this, the graduate Armando Hernández, Manager of the talent and human resources area, announced that the 112 pilots who will be separated from the company will receive a 100% liquidation, hoping that the money will alleviate some concern to face the coming months. This means, according to the Labor Law, 3 months salary and 12 days per year, in contrast to a settlement, which only includes unearned benefits.

Likewise, he added that an exact date for the resumption of activities of the workers cannot be given; however, he ventured that, due to the increasing demand of the airline, the fact could occur the following year.

Captain Gutiérrez assured that the plan, represents an opportunity for both parties, since at present, you do not have the possibility of giving leave without pay or another resource, such as rotating crews with reduced wages.