The Covid-19 epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Russia, where bad record figures follow one another day after day. On Wednesday, June 30, the country recorded the highest number of daily deaths since the start of the pandemic a year and a half ago. According to figures announced by the government, 669 people died from Covid-19 in twenty-four hours, exceeding the record of 652 deaths set the day before. This count is, moreover, considered particularly restrictive, since it excludes deaths officially caused by another pathology, but “With the Covid”.

The other indicators are in line, with the number of new daily contaminations reaching 21,042, which is twice the highest levels recorded in spring 2020 (but less than in January 2021). In total, since the start of the pandemic, 5.5 million people have been infected and the statistics agency Rosstat recorded, at the end of April, 270,000 deaths. Here again, this figure is far from explaining the significant excess mortality observed in Russia for a year and a half.

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The subject was one of the main topics of discussion of “Hotline”, the traditional television program in which Vladimir Putin stages his dialogue with his people. Beyond the difficult situation, which the Russian president has recognized after having repeatedly proclaimed victory over the pandemic in recent months, it is mainly the issue of compulsory vaccination that has attracted attention.

Preserving “both the economy and health”

Mr. Putin reiterated his opposition to this particularly unpopular binding character in the country … but he admitted that the governors of ” some regions “ can use it “For certain categories of citizens”. “It’s not the disorder, it’s the law”, he argued, recalling that the coronavirus did not belong to the category of diseases subject to compulsory vaccination.

This position of caution and balance is reminiscent of that taken by the head of the Kremlin throughout the pandemic, in particular with regard to containment measures. Vladimir Putin had thus reserved several times the privilege of announcing days “Not worked”, leaving governors responsible for announcing strict containment measures. The gradual exit from confinement had also been left to the responsibility of the regional chiefs, the latter only receiving instructions to preserve “And the economy and health”.

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