The people’s artist said that acquaintance with Pugacheva began with her request. In the 1980s, the singer was invited to perform at a rock festival in Germany, and she urgently needed a person who could adapt the concert program to the format of the event. On the advice of friends, the star turned to Kuzmin.

After a successful tour, the artists began to closely cooperate, and the Soviet press began to write that there were only two stars on our stage: Pugacheva and Kuzmin. After reading these articles, the composer Igor Nikolaev wrote the imperishable hit “Two Stars” for them.

It is worth noting that initially the rocker was not going to perform a “pop” song, but the Prima Donna convinced him. When the composition sounded on the radio, Kuzmin woke up famous. The artist complained that at that time he had a completely crazy schedule: he gave three to four concerts a day.

The musician speaks of his close relationship with Pugacheva with warmth and respect. According to him, the Prima Donna not only acted as his producer, but also gave advice on the repertoire and style of clothing. In conditions of close creative interaction, the novel was inevitable.

“Everything was completely natural,” said Kuzmin. The musician said that he learned a lot from Alla Borisovna, in particular, she taught him to communicate with the audience and work for every person in the hall.

Recalling parting with the Prima Donna, the singer admitted that he did not want to turn into a “pop singer”. “She told me that I should be the king of pop music. Well, what then Philip Kirkorov became. And I didn’t want that,” Kuzmin shared and added that he wanted to do exclusively rock music.