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Is the time of shaky cell phone photos and videos over? The Vivo X60 Pro has its own gimbal stabilization installed. That makes films a joy.

Almost completely unknown in this country, Vivo already made its way into the top 5 smartphone manufacturers worldwide in the first quarter of 2021. The market share of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is already ten percent. Now Vivo also wants to get started in Austria – and is presenting an extremely interesting smartphone. In addition to cutting-edge technology, this should especially score with a gimbal function. “today“tested the Vivo X60 Pro 5G.

The design of the 799 euro device already shows that you are dealing with a smartphone flagship. On the front, the 6.56-inch display (AMOLED, 2376 x 1080 pixels, HDR10 +) curves around the sides, with small display bezels only at the top and bottom. The selfie camera is located in the top center, the fingerprint sensor was built under the display. Both face recognition and the fingerprint sensor react quickly and precisely. Even the curved display does not lead to undesired incorrect entries.

Beautiful back built in

On the back, Vivo has found a stylish solution for threatening fingerprints. Instead of a glossy one, there is a matt glass back that almost doesn’t allow fingerprints. On the contrary, it is a real eye-catcher, because the device shimmers in gray, blue, pink and purple color effects depending on the sunlight. If you fear scratches in addition to fingerprints, you can use the transparent plastic protective cover that is included in the box.

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The camera module, which contains the lenses in the form of a rectangle, clearly protrudes from the rear. A small logo shows that Vivo worked together with the optics specialist Zeiss on the camera. It is also noticeable that the module was implemented in two stages: First, a thin silver platform with lettering and flash protrudes from the back, then the slightly smaller glass body with the lenses is even stronger. Unusual, but still chic.

Technology with a lot of light and a little shadow

Inside the smartphone there is plenty of space for praise, but also for some criticism. The “Funtouch” surface based on Android 11 is tidy and without a lot of bloatware. The screen has a resolution of up to 120 Hertz, and the color reproduction, brightness and contrast are excellent. The Snapdragon 870 processor does not show any nakedness with 12 gigabytes (+3 GB expanded!) Of RAM and pushes dozens of apps at the same time as well as games and other tasks.

The extremely slim device (158.58 x 73.24 x 7.69 millimeters, 179 grams) does not have any stereo speakers, but the lower speaker delivers good playback at least up to medium volume levels, which you can only cover with your finger you don’t. There is no wireless Qi charging, which is a shame. But that’s about it with the flaws, because the rest is good up to world class. The camera in particular has some real killer arguments to offer.

Blurring recordings becomes an art

Vivo has installed a main camera with 48 megapixels, a telephoto camera with 13 megapixels and an ultra-wide-angle camera with 13 megapixels in the camera module. A novelty among the models we know is the stabilization of the main camera, which is done both optically and through the “Gimbal Stabilization 2.0”. This means that it becomes almost impossible for the user to shake pictures and videos recorded with the smartphone. An example can be seen here:

No matter whether at full speed, when walking or jumping: the vivo X60 Pro 5G sensationally compensates for an extremely large number of movements and vibrations, which ensures great results, especially when filming. But the quality of the video and photo recordings is also good. The images are clear, sharp, full of details and with natural colors. At night, the “Extreme Night Vision 2.0” function also ensures impressive sharpness. The camera should have been just a little braver when it comes to lightening dark areas of the image – but that can also be easily touched up manually. A great camera!

What else is impressive

Smart features can be found everywhere in the Vivo X60 Pro 5G. For example, smeared camera lenses “report” that they want to be cleaned. In addition, filters such as a cosmetic function can be used to virtually test new make-up or to change one’s own face with funny modes. Not to forget: Vivo has built one of the most powerful front cameras on the market with 32 MP in its smartphone. This also convinces with sharpness and realism.

Not quite at the top level, but the battery is still good with 4,200 mAh and 33 watts of fast charge. Charging from an empty state takes a little over an hour, and with average use, the smartphone lasts 1.5 to two days. Same picture with the memory – it turned out to be 256 gigabytes, but it cannot be expanded with an SD card. IP52 is used as IP protection: dust and rain protection, but no tightness.

A great gimbal camera

The Vivo X60 Pro only allows criticism in a few places and only shows shortcomings with the lack of wireless charging, a memory expansion and a not top-notch charging performance, which are probably easily bearable for the majority of users. Apart from the camera, the smartphone can technically keep up with many more expensive flagships and shines with a particularly large RAM, fast speed and a strong display. But the real strength shows in the camera:

The already very good camera is becoming something unique on the smartphone market through the use of gimbals and other stabilization technologies. Neither photos nor videos show great blurring and taking a really blurry picture takes a lot of effort. This should especially make those users happy who want to shoot videos with their smartphones. If you finally compare the price of around 800 euros with those of the more than 100 euros competitor flagships, the price-performance ratio is also extremely interesting.

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