Vitamin D strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and reduces the need to urinate, confirmed by studies


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A recent study revealed a strange link between vitamin D, bladder health and pelvic floor muscle strength, which surprised many people interested in health and food news, but a urologist gave an explanation for this strange link.

Late last month, a team of scientists published a unique study based on a comprehensive review of a number of scientific research that focused on problems in the urinary tract and pelvis, but the results were strange to some people and followers.

A group of obstetricians, gynecologists, and public health professionals conducted a comprehensive systematic review and in-depth analysis of previous studies focused on urology, and published their findings in the International Urogynecology Journal.

Vitamin reduces the number of times a person urinates

According to the new study, the researchers concluded that the smooth urination process in the urinary tract is linked to a lack of certain nutrients in the human body.

The researchers confirmed that the lack of “vitamin D” contributes greatly to the increase in the human need to urinate, which is a very exciting information that was not addressed by previous research, which caused some controversy among those interested in public health news, especially in this period when news of the benefits of vitamin D spread like fire. in the wildfire.

After the great controversy caused by the study in the scientific and media circles, the American magazine “Eat This, Not That”, which specializes in health news, used one of the most famous urologists in America to find out the secret of this strange link.

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A strange but true link to strong pelvic floor muscles

The researchers linked these results to one of the roles of “vitamin D” in the human body, which is that the detrusor muscle of the bladder (or the muscle that pushes urine is a layer on the wall of the urinary bladder made up of smooth muscle fibers arranged in spiral, longitudinal and circular bundles), which contracts to allow urine to exit from the bladder. The bladder is affected by this vitamin, according to wellandgood.

According to scientists, this muscle also contains “vitamin D” receptors, as the vitamin helps to strengthen this muscle and all the muscles in the bottom and around the pelvis, including the bladder, which scientists have linked to the smooth flow of urine in humans, so vitamin D deficiency causes problem for this process.

A doctor reveals the secret of the strange link between “vitamin D” and the pelvis

The American Journal spoke with urologist and urologist, Michael Ingber, a physician who specializes in pelvic floor issues at Cleveland Clinic Medical Center in America.

And the specialist noted that “one of the primary benefits of vitamin D is that it helps the body to better absorb other nutrients associated with bladder health.”

Explaining the secret of the strange link, Ingber explained: “Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a role in the intestinal absorption of many different nutrients in the body. Calcium, magnesium and phosphate are all absorbed as a result of the presence of vitamin D, and these elements play an essential role in kidney health. and bladder.”

“Therefore, the potential effect of vitamin D on the urinary system is that it simply helps the digestive system absorb other minerals that support good overall health in that area of ​​the body (pelvis),” the specialist continued.

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