Vitamin D can help with depression

Vitamin D can help relieve depressive symptoms because the vitamin regulates some functions of the central nervous system. These are the findings of a study led by the University of Eastern Finland.

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Vitamin D may alleviate depression in adults, suggests a meta-study by an international team of researchers, including the University of Eastern Finland. The experts evaluated dozens of studies from around the world according to scientific criteria.

Antidepressants partially effective

Depressive symptoms cause a substantial burden of disease worldwide. The therapeutic efficacy of current antidepressants is often insufficient, which is why nutritional researchers, for example, are looking for new ways to alleviate symptoms. According to researcher Tuomas Mikola, vitamin D regulates the functions of the central nervous system, disorders of which are associated with depression. In addition, cross-sectional studies have observed an association between depressive symptoms and vitamin D deficiency.

The new meta-analysis on links between vitamin D supplementation and depression is the largest published to date. Previous studies have investigated the effectiveness of vitamin D in alleviating depressive symptoms in adults in different population groups. They included patients with depression, the general population and people with various physical illnesses. The results show that vitamin D supplementation is more effective than placebo in alleviating depressive symptoms. There was great variation in the doses of vitamin D used, but typically it was 50 to 100 micrograms per day.

320 million people affected

The results are not unequivocal, says Mikola. He therefore suggests that specific research be carried out on the effects of vitamin D supplements in depressed people, which are administered in addition to standard treatment with medication. A solution to the problem would be a boon to humanity, because according to the World Health Organization, more than 320 million people worldwide suffer from depression.


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