Vitaa warned by Diam’s, she severely knocks her out, ouch it stings!

It has now been about 13 years since Diam’s left center stage. She left behind a musical career crowned with success but also with pain. Indeed, she talks about it in her new documentary entitled Salam, presented at the cannes festival on may 26th. On the same date, she gave an interview in Le Parisien. She talks about her friendship with the singer Vitaa, who, she has come a long way after their song “Confessions nocturnes” in 2006!

Diam’s and Vitaa, a cult duo!

It is surely the duo which marked the beginning of the 2000s. Released in 2006, their title “Confessions nocturnes” was a hit. Diam’s and Vitaa have been able to impose a one hundred percent female duo in a musical universe mainly dominated by men.

It’s more than just a collaboration because this title has created a strong friendship between the two singers. Diam’s and Vitaa are still inseparable today! Not only was this title a springboard for Vitaa, but also another success for the rapper.

A warning by the rapper

Diam’s claims that with Vitaa, their friendship never changed. Today, they have become mothers, take time to see each other every afternoon, says the rapper. She also said that “when you love someone, you rejoice in their happiness”. But a certain anxiety sets in because she had already been there, the path to fame.

Still on the date of May 26, she gave his opinion on the cover of his song “Marine” by the interpreter Vitaa, Amel Bent and Camelia Jordana. A title which she did not wish to promote. In fact, the rapper has never talked about it on the web or tried to promote it. Today, she feels part of the public and has the impression that she no longer belongs to this world. She said she was just a spectator.

The story continues for Vitaa!

As everyone knows, a hit duo was born between Vitaa and the chateur Slimane. Very quickly, their album ranks number one best-selling records. Just 6 months after the release of “VersuS”, the album is still selling in the thousands. In 2020, the duo is certified diamond disc by SNEP with more than 500,000 album sales. This certification marked forever the career of these 2 singers.

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At the end of 2020, their album ranked number 1 in the “top album”. Vitaa and Slimane therefore compete with big names in French song such as Patrick Fiori or Grand Corps Malade. Thanks to this musical project, the duo win awards during the NRJ Music Awards. A success to be very careful according to the former rapper Diam’s.



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