Virus, Emilia Romagna simplifies screening and enlarges swabs

While the vaccination campaign is in full swing, Emilia Roamagna takes a further step forward by introducing – with a provision approved by the Executive – new measures which aim to enhance screening activities, simplify the access procedures for citizens e further enlarge the audience of those who can make quick swabs at the pharmacy, free of charge or at a controlled price.

“Vaccinating as many people as possible today represents our priority commitment – underlines the regional councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini but we are not backing down and on the contrary we are strengthening the prevention front, to allow an increasing number of citizens, including foreigners, to carry out rapid nasal swabs in pharmacies, at a controlled price, also in view of the resumption of the tourist season. Not only that, because with this new provision we simplify and therefore speed up the procedures for accessing laboratory tests and give citizens the opportunity to have the Green Certificate issued shortly after the execution of the rapid swab. All of this – Donini closes – thanks to the agreement with the trade associations of affiliated pharmacies, whom we thank for having been by our side since the beginning of this battle ”.

The innovations introduced by the Region

It starts with two simplification actions: a medical prescription is no longer needed to undergo rapid serological, molecular and antigenic tests at your own expense authorized laboratories; furthermore, the pharmacy affiliates that adhere to the regional agreement for carrying out the rapid nasal antigen test will be able to participate in the project for the release of the Green certificate (the so-called Digital Green Certificate) which certifies the execution of the swab with a negative result, the operating procedures of which are being defined at ministerial level in these days.

It’s still: starting from 10 June comes extended ai citizens who do not have health care in Emilia-Romagna, Italians or foreigners, the possibility of carrying out in pharmacies (also in this case, those that adhere to the screening project agreed between the Region and trade associations) the quick swab at a controlled price of 15 euros; and the results will, as always, be tracked to ensure the visibility of the data to the Public Health Departments of the local health authority of the pharmacy.

As for it free voluntary screening, possible from the end of 2020 thanks to the Region / Pharmacist trade associations agreement, for the summer months of July and August it will be reserved only for certain categories that currently have the right: pharmacists participating in the project; people with disabilities, collaborating and able to wear the mask; cohabiting family members of people with disabilities; volunteers from third sector associations who assist lonely elderly people or people with disabilities; family caregivers who assist elderly people or people with disabilities.

In the months of July and August the gratuity tests, which can in any case be carried out without a doctor’s prescription and at a controlled cost, is therefore suspended for: schoolchildren and students 0-18 years old and adults if attending upper secondary school; their parents, even if separated and / or not living together and guardians / foster carers, sisters, brothers and other family members living together and grandparents who are not living together; university students even if attending universities outside the region; off-site university students enrolled in Emilia-Romagna universities, including foreigners and students participating in the Erasmus project even if not enrolled in the regional health care system; students of VET (Education and Vocational Training) courses; school staff of schools of all levels and educational services 0-3 years; staff of the professional training institutions that provide VET courses; educators who work in extracurricular services, in youth centers, oratories, scouts, playrooms and instructors and coaches of youth sports clubs in the area.

The innovations were introduced by the Region considering the availability of Trade associations of affiliated pharmacies to accept the expansion of the conditions for performing the rapid nasal antigen test compared toagreement in place, which is also extended until 31 December 2021, except for the occurrence of various epidemiological conditions that suggest its extension or early termination.