Puerto Belgrano – A virtual search and rescue exercise was carried out this week between the navies of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, with the aim of increasing interoperability on issues related to the safeguarding of human life at sea.
The exercise called SIMSAREX I was organized by the Uruguay Coordinating Center, and the Navy’s Maritime, River and Lake Search and Rescue Service (SISM) and the SAR Buenos Aires Coordinating Center participated in Argentina.

“It is an exercise where an emergency situation of a fishing vessel in the area of ​​responsibility of Uruguay is simulated, which forces its crew to abandon them in life rafts, which is why all the procedures are triggered in case of a case SAR ”, explained the SISM chief, Frigate Captain Pablo Aliotta.
He added that in the simulation a search area is established based on the possible area where the accident occurred and from there the ships are guided to the presumed location of the rafts.

SIMSAREX I began on Wednesday with a videoconference in which the activities were presented, the next day a practice was carried out and on Friday the exercise itself was carried out; Work was carried out on a simulation platform owned by the Uruguayan Naval School and all the communication procedures and how the surface units that carried out the search and rescue are conducted were practiced.

“The objective is to put the procedures into practice, make them compatible and generate mutual knowledge and a climate of trust between the coordinating centers of the three countries,” added Captain Aliotta.
In Puerto Belgrano, the second chief of the SISM, Captain Sebastián Viora, was in charge of the exercise, accompanied by the Chief Warrant Officer Marco Antonio Aballay; while in Buenos Aires, it was in charge of Lieutenant Commander Diego Theodor, head of that coordinating center.

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