Virology professor explained whether coronavirus vaccines can enter the lymph flow and cause blood clots

On social networks, in groups where opponents of vaccination are exchanging opinions, a post appeared this week describing the supposedly dire effects on the body that mRNA vaccines can cause.


On social networks, in groups where opponents of vaccination are exchanging opinions, a post appeared this week describing the supposedly dire consequences for the body that mRNA vaccines (Pfizer / BioNtech, Moderna) can cause, aimed at preventing covid. The messages look scientific. The authorship is attributed to certain doctors, but the original source cannot be found on the network, therefore, it is not possible to establish it reliably. However, there are a lot of re-posts of this “report”. It says that mRNA vaccines enter the bloodstream, into the lymphatic system, affect vital processes in the body, thicken the blood and cause blood clots. And as a result, they lead to vascular damage, heart attacks, strokes. The scary story is truly terrifying, especially when you consider that scientific terms are mixed with emotional assessments. What are mRNA vaccines, how they work and what are the risks of their use, as well as whether such accusations of catastrophic side effects for vector vaccines (Russian “Sputnik V”) and whole-virion (“KoviVac”) vaccines Komsomolskaya Pravda asked the professor, a virologist , Researcher at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei by Anatoly Altstein.

– Everything that we enter into the body with a syringe can enter the bloodstream into the lymphatic system. Substances that do not enter the lymphatic system will not trigger an immune response. It is from the lymph nodes that the corresponding immune response begins. This is a normal development of events, – says Anatoly Altstein.

However, mRNA does not integrate into the walls of blood vessels, does not cause blood clots, does not cause strokes and heart attacks, the scientist is sure.

– You see, the mRNA vaccine has been administered to hundreds of millions of people. If after that even the smallest, smallest number of people died with strokes, heart attacks, and something else, do you really think that no one would pay attention to this ?! Wouldn’t you have screamed and thrown this vaccine in the trash can? – says the virologist. – People exercise in different ways. Someone is practicing such an amazing thing as creating an mRNA vaccine, and someone is to throw mud at this vaccine.


The mRNA vaccine is an amazing invention, the scientist explains. mRNA is a molecule that consists of nucleotides (chemical compounds of substances. – Ed.) arranged in a specific order in each messenger RNA. It can quickly break down, getting into the blood. And now there were scientists who figured out what to do to stabilize it, although the very idea of ​​innovation was born back in the 90s.

– The authors of the vaccine replaced one of the bonds within this nucleotide and enclosed the entire information molecule in a lipid vesicle. As a result, the molecule turned out to be stable enough to transmit its information content, that is, the order of amino acids in a protein, and it penetrates well into cells. It is the perfect creation of molecular biotechnology. In the end, the scientists were able to come up with a technology that in a safe way induces a very effective immune response. I believe that it is the creation of an mRNA vaccine, its authors, who developed this principle of obtaining a vaccine, are worthy of the Nobel Prize, – Anatoly Altstein is sure. – RNA is not reproduced in the cell, but causes the production of the required S-protein, which is absolutely necessary to create immunity against SARS-CoV-2.


– S-protein is extremely rare, I emphasize, extremely rare, these are cases – one in a million, can cause vasculitis (immunopathological inflammation of blood vessels, – ed.), Blood clotting, but if you remove this protein, the vaccine will not work, as needed. For the third time, I will say that such reactions are carefully noted and they are extremely rare, but the consequences of a postponed coronavirus infection can much more often be catastrophic for the body, says Anatoly Altstein. – The mRNA itself – the vaccine is effective, safe, but it is not cheap to manufacture, much more expensive than whole-virion vaccines, like CoviVac, for example, or based on adenoviral vectors, like Sputnik V.

If you look at the example of countries such as Israel and the UK, in the United States, and these are countries that actively use mRNA vaccines, then the epidemic there is declining precisely as a result of large-scale vaccination, and even despite the fact that other more infectious variants of the coronavirus have appeared.

– Mortality (the number of deaths from covid for a certain time, – ed.) In these countries tends to zero, this is a very important achievement, an indicator that vaccines work perfectly and safely even when new more infectious variants of the virus appear, – says Anatoly Altstein. According to the site worldometers, which monitors coronavirus statistics around the world, in the UK, where more than 70 percent of the adult population is vaccinated, on July 15, for example, 48,553 new infections were reported and only 63 new deaths. For comparison, in our country for the same date, there were 791 deaths per 25 293 cases. Although both we and Britain are now dominated by the same strain – Indian, delta. The only difference is that vaccination is still not going to pick up the required speed.

– Absolutely, mRNA vaccines, vector vaccines, whole virion vaccines do not violate human genetics in any way, do not integrate anywhere and in no way harm the immune system and other body systems, – the expert summed up.


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