Virologist predicted the incidence of “omicron” in Russia up to 500 thousand cases per day

Russia is on the verge of the most powerful wave of the coronavirus pandemic due to the rapid spread of the Omicron strain. On Friday, January 14, virologist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Netesov told Izvestia.

The specialist noted that the omicron strain has a shorter incubation period than the “delta”. The virus spreads much more efficiently. Because of this, the scale of the fifth wave of covid in Russia can be colossal.

“We are already seeing this in the United States – now they register 1.3 million cases a day there. If we translate this ratio of cases to the population in Russia, then our number of cases of infection can reach half a million per day. And we will definitely exceed 100,000 cases a day. This has never happened during the entire time of the pandemic, ”said Netesov.

According to the virologist, Omicron began to actively manifest itself in Russia a week ago. The number of cases began to be measured in the hundreds. According to the forecasts of the specialist, the incidence of covid will begin to grow one and a half to two times every day.

Scientists have stated that the omicron strain of covid has a mortality rate of 75% less than other types of infection.


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