Viral video: The winner of this 100 meter race is … the cameraman!

The best university runners compete in the 100 meter race – and the winner is the cameraman

Student Hao Xiaoyang is famous now. At least at Shanxi University in Taiyuan, China. But maybe soon all over the world. Because a video showing the 23-year-old is going through the roof.

But from the beginning.

Sports competitions will be held at Shanxi University on May 30, a Sunday. After a year and a half of the pandemic, the best athletes from different universities should finally compete again. So also in the 100 meter sprint.

The runners get ready for the race on lanes 1 to 8. And on Lane 9, Hao Xiaoyang. The student, who is studying at Datong University’s School of Physical Education last year, works as a cameraman. With his camera in hand, he positions himself a few meters in front of the official runners. Then the starting shot is fired – and Xiaoyang goes down in history.

The video that made Hao famous:

The 23-year-old sprints with his camera in hand and is not even close to being overtaken by any of the fastest university sprinters for the entire 100 meters. Xiaoyang celebrates a classic start-to-finish victory. And because he wasn’t the only cameraman to capture the race, the Chinese student is now going viral.

By the way, we don’t know who officially won the race. But he may not necessarily want to read his name in this context. The celebrated star of the race is cinematographer Hao Xiaoyang. According to media reports, he said after the race: “I deliberately slowed down and waited for her”. (meg)

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