Viral video Not with the taqueros! They assault a taqueria in Naucalpan with everything and blows

In a video that circulates on social networks, it can be seen how three armed men enter the orchard taquerialocated in the colony San Antonio Zomeyucan in NaucalpanState of Mexico, full of diners and regardless of whether there was a child they began the assault.

The one and a half minute footage shows how one of the three men zaps the taqueros and then hits others with his handle of a gunwhile the other assailants intimidate the diners into handing over their belongings.

People retreated to the walls, the others who were sitting eating their tacos at the bar they crouched down and put their hands on her head.

After 80 seconds the men leave the premises, one of them stops to say something to a couple who was very close to the entrance and the woman is visibly affected. Finally the diners embrace.




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