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Viral Facebook | This photo shows strange ‘ice eggs’ that formed on a beach and the image is viral in networks | Instagram | FB | Viral Face

Mother Nature has her own collection of ice balls that closely resemble some eggs and that she keeps on a beach in Finland. There are some that are the size of a tennis ball and others that measure like a soccer ball. Each one is of different size and no two are the same. The strange weather phenomenon is viral between users Facebook thanks to a photo that shows the phenomenon.

Amateur photographer Risto Mattila and his wife were walking along Marjaniemi Beach on Hailuoto Island, located in the Gulf of Botnia between Finland and Sweden, when they discovered an area 30 meters from the shore completely covered by these unique balls which has perplexed more than one person.

“The biggest egg was the size of a soccer ball. It was incredible. I had never seen this phenomenon before"Mattila wrote in the photo she posted through her account of Instagram and what was done viral in Facebook. According to experts, the phenomenon occurs by a rare process in which wind and water roll small pieces of ice.

Jouni Vainio, a specialist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, says that the presence of ‘ice eggs’ they are not usual but it can happen once a year with the right weather conditions.

"Needed a certain air temperature (below zero degrees), the correct water temperature (near the freezing point), a shallow sandy beach and gentle slope and calm waves, maybe a slight swell ”, details Vainio.

Autumn is the perfect season in Finland for all these climatic conditions to create this phenomenon. “Something that acts as a core is also necessary. The nucleus begins to collect ice around it and the waves move it along the beach, forward and backward. A small surface of the ball gets wet, freezes and gets bigger and bigger ”, adds Vainio.

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