Violent protests in India against army reform, at least one dead

Correspondent Aletta André:

“The protests show how much frustration unemployed young people have built up. When Prime Minister Modi came to power in 2014, he promised to create 100 million jobs by 2022. But still one fifth of young people with a higher education degree have no At least 17 million of Indians who want to work have given up their active job search because they don’t have confidence they will succeed. Riots also broke out in January after the criteria for wanted jobs on India’s railways suddenly became much stricter had become.

Many companies offer low salaries and no favorable working conditions. That is why jobs in government, such as in the railways and the military, are so sought after. Young people sometimes try to get in for years, because once they succeed, you have a job for life, including a home, health insurance, education for your children and a pension. Moreover, the army is the only employer where personnel receive a guaranteed fixed pension, without personal contribution. But then you have to serve a minimum number of years, and that will be a lot more difficult under the new system.”



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