Viola Holt thinks it is difficult to get the new version of the 5 Hour Show – the program she presented in the 1990s – “to get as high-profile as before”. Not only is she afraid that the new presentation duo consisting of Brecht van Hulten and Caroline Lo Galbo is too journalistic, it is also difficult to bind the viewer, she says at the Perstribune on NPO Radio1.

Where the presentation team now consists of two presenters with a journalistic profile, that of Holt could have been more diverse. “I understand that choice in part, but I would have preferred it to be a bit more combined. A bit lighter, with a bit more entertainment. You come home from work and want to laugh a bit.”

Van Hulten, known from the television program Cash desk, has recently indicated that it is the 5 Hour Show would like to present to show its lighter side. “Well, I hope so,” said Holt.

‘You can no longer enforce controversy’

It seems a good idea to Holt to turn it into a ‘desk program’, in which the interviews should last no longer than 2.5 minutes. According to the seventy-year-old presenter, longer is “outdated.”

Holt thinks it’s hard to make the program as high-profile as when she presented it. “You cannot force talkative speech in this day and age, with so many channels. You can hope that the next day someone says at the coffee machine: well, that was a nice fragment. But being talked about is no longer a thing of the past. you have 300,000 viewers at that time. “