Villeneuve: ‘Verstappen and Red Bull deserve the lead’

Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing deserve to be at the top of the championship, according to Jacques Villeneuve. They have made fewer mistakes so far and in fact the lead should be a lot bigger for Verstappen. Albeit not that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have been lucky at certain times, such as at Imola.

Of course, Verstappen was also lucky in Baku, when his crash was compensated, as it were, by Hamilton’s error at the restart. However, according to Villeneuve, the Dutchman “deserved” to retain the championship lead in this way. “If you look at it, Max has actually only made two mistakes this season,” said the former world champion in conversation with Racefans. “He went wide in Bahrain and that cost him a possible win. And he lost the fastest lap and a possible pole position by going too wide in Portugal.”

According to Villeneuve, these mistakes cannot be compared with the missteps Hamilton has made so far. He points out three major mistakes: ‘In Imola, Lewis was lucky with the red flag. After he drove off the track, he shouldn’t have been in the points anymore. In Baku he also made a big mistake with the brake balance, albeit by accident. After all, he was not at the right level in Monaco.’

Bottas ‘not concerned with the championship’

Hamilton is not the only one at Mercedes who has struggled this season. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas had a bad race in both Imola and Monaco and Villeneuve criticizes that: ‘Bottas is not concerned with the championship at all. Although Perez had a difficult start to the season, he is generally doing better than Bottas. It’s good that Red Bull is leading the championship.”

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