Villa district in Atlanta wants to become a separate city because of violent crime

Dhe shots at Andrew Worrell were just the tip of the iceberg for the Buckhead residents. A few weeks after the businessman went jogging in the affluent area of ​​Atlanta a few weeks ago, a silver-colored car caught up with him. The driver lowered the window, wordlessly aimed a handgun at Worrell, and pulled the trigger. “The shooter hit him in the thigh. Andrew turned when the guy shot him one more time. This bullet entered the left hip, penetrated the abdomen, and became lodged in the right hip. The guy shot a third time but missed Andrew. He went to safety behind a tree, ”said Worrell’s wife Anne, describing the crime on Facebook. Strollers tried to stop the bleeding, called an ambulance, and called the family.

Additional calls were made to the police while the forty-one year old was being rushed to the hospital. The callers from Buckhead reported that joggers had been repeatedly shot from a silver-colored car. “The city of Atlanta can no longer protect Buckhead from criminals. The number of murders and other violent crimes is skyrocketing ”, stated the citizens’ initiative Buckhead City Committee (BCC) – and repeated an adventurous proposal: The district in the north of the city, known for chic mansions, mirrored office towers and a higher density of boutiques As in any other place in the United States, Atlanta should break away from Atlanta, become a city of its own, and govern itself.


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