In a match of total boredom for 57 minutes, the locals found a way to put suspense until the end.

Minnesota Vikings (2-3) – Detroit Lions (0-5) : 19-17

Incredible but true, Mike Zimmer’s men won a match thanks to a successful field goal on the gong. Used to improbable disappointments in this exercise, Greg Joseph did not tremble this time, when it was necessary to pass the leather between poles placed at 54 yards from his foot.

A senator’s rhythm

From the start of the match, the two teams open their counters with a field goal. The Minnesota defense is the first to shine, and forces the first loss of the game on a sack from Everson Griffen. The Vikings are advancing well but are again blocked at the door of the redzone, 6-3.

The defense of the purple once again stops the Lions and the locals take the opportunity to create a first gap. Alexander Mattison (25 races, 113 yards; 7 receptions, 40 yards, 1TD) scored the first touchdown on a 15-yard reception. Detroit returns to the mark just before halftime, 13-6.

In possession of the ball on the restart, Kirk Cousins ​​(25/34, 275 yards, 1TD, 1int) and company are forced to punt for the first time in the match. If the attack of the Vikings seems a little listless, the defense folds as since the start of the match but does not break. Once again cornered on its 30 yards, Minnesota is saved by a spectacular interception of Eric Kendricks.

After a punt exchange, it is the Vikings’ turn to give gifts. Carried by a 48-yard run from Mattison, the locals arrive on the opposing 21 yards, but a deflected pass from Kirk Cousins ​​falls into the hands of Alex Anzalone

We have to wait until the last 6 minutes of the match to see points in this second half. Greg Joseph passes a 55-yard field goal, a career personal best, and allows Minnesota to regain a 10-point lead, 16-6.

Last three minutes of madness

Led by 10 points, the Lions try everything for everything but return the ball to their opponents on their own 37 yards. Minnesota recovers a first match point, but Joseph’s field goal is a little too short and the score does not budge. Jared Goff (21/35, 203 yards, 1int) takes advantage of the opportunity and the good position on the ground to bring his team within range of the kick.

While Detroit returns to 7 points, the locals chained to the ground to eat the stopwatch. Impeccable so far, Mattison lets the ball escape on contact and returns the leather to the Lions on his 20 yards.

Andre Swift (11 races, 57 yards, 1TD) does not let the opportunity pass and will register the only touchdown of his team. Dan Cambpell then decides to take his destiny in hand and leaves Goff on the field for a 2-point conversion attempt. The latter finds Khadarel Hodge at the back of the area and gives his team a point lead, 38 seconds from the end.

38 seconds and two time outs, that’s what it took Cousins ​​and Adam Thielen (2 receptions 40 yards) to give Greg Joseph the opportunity to redeem himself. Unseen until then, the veteran receiver stood out at the best of times to save his team.

With this victory, Minnesota retains its hopes of the play-offs, even if it will be necessary to show a lot more to have a contender header at the January meetings. The Lions remain, more than ever, favorites for the 2022 first draft pick.

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