The Confederation has entered into a contract with MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Switzerland for the reservation of a “promising” drug against the coronavirus. This contract covers a contract for a maximum of 8,640 packages of the antiviral Molnupiravir.

Molnupiravir should be available no later than January 2022, said the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) on Tuesday. The amount of the contract is confidential.

A clinical study has demonstrated its effectiveness in non-hospitalized patients infected with Covid-19 and at high risk of severe disease progression.

This drug is not yet authorized in Switzerland. However, it can be used for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 during the current authorization procedure, after an adaptation of Ordinance 3 Covid-19.

It is not in the European Union either. But WADA, equivalent to Swissmedic, said Tuesday that it would decide within a few weeks on an application for authorization to market Molnupiravir in Europe. The European regulator nevertheless issued a recommendation on Friday so that EU countries can individually decide to use it in the event of a peak in infections.

Already two other drugs

The Confederation will bear the costs of outpatient treatment until it is reimbursed by compulsory health insurance.

The agreement concluded with the Confederation “represents an important contribution of the strategy aimed at containing the spread of the pandemic”, underlined the general director of MSD Switzerland, Ans Heirman, in a press release.

Berne had already secured two other anti-Covid drugs: the monoclonal antibodies Sotrovimab from GlaxoSmitKline and Casirivimab / Imdevimab, developed by the company Regeneron in partnership with the Basel group Roche. Unlike these two treatments, Molnupiravir is an antiviral and can be administered orally, specifies the FOPH.

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