Viennese student (13) just collapses in the shower – Vienna

Dramatic scenes occurred in an apartment in Vienna-Leopoldstadt on Tuesday night: a young girl collapsed while taking a shower.

The emergency services were called around 12:15 a.m. to the apartment near Obere Donaustraße. According to Corina Had, spokeswoman for the professional rescue service, when entering the apartment the CO detectors would have sounded and warned of the danger. The emergency services immediately took the girl and her brother out of the apartment.

Brother saves his sister

The girl was not responsive at first. Oxygen was given to her on the spot. The 13-year-old and the boy, who must have rushed to help his sister in the bathroom, received emergency medical care and was taken to the hospital. According to fire department spokesman Lukas Schauer, a third person was also present in the apartment. This did not have to be taken care of by the rescue.

Bathroom fans can pose a hazard.APA-Graphics /

Mobile devices can pose great danger

In the APA interview, Schauer urgently pointed out the danger of improperly installed mobile air conditioning units, but also bathroom and toilet fans. Mobile air conditioners extract room air that gas heaters need for combustion. This can create a strong negative pressure. “The extraction of room air can lead to exhaust gases from a thermal bath being sucked into the living room and carbon monoxide poisoning occurring,” Schauer warned. If you intend to purchase such devices, this must be coordinated with the responsible chimney sweeper.

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