Vienna Stock Exchange: ATX TR weaker on Tuesday, Uniqa holds back

08/09/2022, 3618 characters

Of the ATX TR lost -0.72% to 6376.26 points on Tuesday. The ATX TR is now year-to-date 18,76% in the red. There was so far 75 winning days and 79 lost days. Missing to yearly high 22,73%from the low one is 9,79% away. The statistically best day of the week in 2022 is Wednesday with 0.39%, the weakest is the Thursday with -0.73%.

Tuesday’s ATX TR Hourly Development: In the opening hour to 8am 0 firmer to 6422.81 points, then 6413.46 (9am), 6408.1 (10am), 6392.59 (11am), 6385, 01 (12 p.m.), 6394.71 (1 p.m.), 6390.85 (2 p.m.), 6391.07 (3 p.m.) and finally the close at +0.01 percent with 6391.58 points. This resulted in an intraday performance of -0.72%, the 106th best of 154 trading days in terms of performance.

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This is the 49th worst trading day (percentage) this year.

Winner of the day was on Tuesday Uniqa with 1.76% to 6.94 (75% usual daily turnover, 1-week performance 4.20% – it was the 1st daily win in 2022, rank 20 in the ATX TR). VIG with 0.88% to 23.05 (31% Vol.; 1W 3.60%) and Andritz with 0.68% to 47.26 (60% Vol.; 1W 2.92%). The losers of the day: Wienerberger at -4.65% to 22.16 (113% usual daily turnover, 1-week performance 2.21%), AT&S with -3.13% to 44.85 (103% Vol.; 1W -1.75%), EVN with -1.99% to 22.20 (137% Vol.; 1W -0.89%)

Had the highest daily turnover First group (32,41 Mio.), Wienerberger (20.07) and compound (19:34). There were sales outliers compared to the 2022 daily average Mayr-Melnhof (139%), EVN (137%) and Wienerberger (113%).

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The best stock in the 1 month view is Andritz with 18.51%, the best is ytd SBO with 69.63%. tended to be the weakest SBO with -5.75% (monthly view) and RBI mit -50,5% (ytd).

Year-to-date, SBO was up 69.63% (previous year: -0.48 percent) at the last closing price. Next DO&CO 10.66% (previous year: 10.93 percent), Verbund 7.28% (previous year: 41.59 percent).
Worst YTD: RBI -50.5% (previous year: 55.16 percent), then Erste Group -40.24% (previous year: 65.8 percent), Immofinanz -33.23% (previous year: 32.82 percent) .

Other highlights: First group is now down 3 days (1.75% down from 25.15 to 24.71).

Stopped or rotated series: Lenzing -1.21% to 81.6, up 4 days before that (4.56% up from 79 to 82.6), RBI -0.93% to 12.81, up 3 days before that (3.44% up from 12.5 to 12.93).

The following changes in the ytd ranking: AT&S (lost 3 places, from 3 to 6) ; to, Uniqa (+2, from 12 to 10), EVN (-2, from 10 to 12), compound (+1, from 4 to 3), Yes, yes (+1, from 5 to 4), Andritz (+1, from 6 to 5).

Index performance ATX TR over the last 5 days

09.08.: 6376,26 -0,72%
08/08: 6422.81 +0.33% (2-day performance -0.08%)
05/08: 6381.66 -0.32% (3-day performance -0.40%)
04/08: 6401.93 +0.95% (4-day performance 0.54%)
08/03: 6341.83 +0.31% (weekly performance 0.86%)
08/02: 6322.11 -0.66% (6-day performance 0.19%)

Top Flop

Furthest above the MA200: SBO 15,6%, compound 11.87% and Andritz 9,48%.
Most noticeable under the MA 200: RBI -28,29%, Immofinanz -27.22% and First group -26,56%.

News about the companies (48h)

Here it goes to ATX TR-Universe (composition, performance, sales, statistics).

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Stocks on the radar:Wienerberger, Pierer Mobility, Mayr-Melnhof, Kapsch TrafficCom, Immofinanz, Warimpex, UBM, compound, VIG, Uniqa, Andritz, AMS, AT&S, Porn, SBO, UIG, voestalpine, CA Yes, Oberbank AG trunk, Vienna Airport, Yes, yes, Lenzing, Airbus Group, Zalando, Puma, RWE, Munich Re, Fresenius Medical Care, Bayer, Brenntag, Continental.

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