Videos |  Selena Gomez and her controversy on Instagram;  here we explain

Videos | Selena Gomez and her controversy on Instagram; here we explain

Selena Gomez caused controversy with an Instagram post that was visible on her account for 15 hours, and accumulated one million views.

The actress shared a video of the series “Only Murders in the Building” in which he stars with Steve Martin and Martin Short along with the words ‘Missing and wanting’, which translate as ‘missing and wanting’.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary for stars to promote their projects on social media.

Even the thriller is in the middle of its third season on Hulu, so it’s only natural that Selena wants to publicize it.

Especially considering that he is the third person with the most followers on the platform.

And the strike?

The problem is the context in which it occurred.

He Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), representing more than 160,000 film and television actors, officially went on strike on July 14 to Join the Writers Guild

Photo: Ig / Selena Gomez

It’s about the first time since 1960 that scriptwriter and actors come together to completely paralyze the industry after there was no agreement with the big studios and platforms streaming.

Selena broke the rules

Since then, the spirits have been very heated in the mecca of cinema, and in this tense atmosphere, the publication of Selena Gómez fell like a jug of cold water, because violates the rules established by SAG-AFTRA.

It is expected that all your members put aside all promotional effortswhich includes going to red carpets, giving interviews and any other work that can be interpreted as promoting their work, even on social networks.

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Many of Selena’s colleagues have been seen in protests in recent weeks to support the demands of the unions about the residual remuneration they receive for the broadcast of their work in the services of streaming and the use of artificial intelligence, among other issues. (Reuters/BangShowbiz)

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