Video: this was the crash at the Illia highway toll

The episode occurred on Sunday at 11:50 p.m., on the Arturo Illia highway in Buenos Aires. The driver of a Fiat Cronos crashed into a Peugeot 408 that was lining up to pass the toll booth.

The accident was recorded by the security cameras in the area and the causes of it are still being investigated. There are two versions: as revealed by a journalist in Tefelé Noticias, the driver of the Fiat died before the accident and that is why he was traveling at several kilometers per hour; However, other media claim that the driver of the vehicle died instantly as a result of the accident and would drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if the car had technical problems.

In any case, as a consequence of the crash, the man’s body was trapped in the bodywork and was rescued by firefighters from the City Police and personnel from the SAME emergency service after hard work.

The toll booth was empty. Meanwhile, the three people who were driving the Peugeot suffered multiple injuries; they are out of danger.

The National Criminal and Correctional Court Nº38 intervenes, in charge of Dr. Baños, Secretariat Nº132, of Dr. Romero.

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