VIDEO: The Russian FSB conducts a counter-terrorism exercise on the eve of the MAKS 2021 aerospace show


18 Jul 2021 11:16 GMT

The event will be held between July 20 and 25 in the city of Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

Members of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) carried out a counter-terrorism exercise as part of the preparation of the 15th international aviation salon MAKS 2021, which will take place between 20 and 25 July in the city of Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

The goal of the training was develop a response to reports of a potential terrorist threat in crowded places and block, cordon off and evacuate the affected area avoiding panic among people. The exercise was attended by heads of the Moscow Province Police and representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the National Guard, as well as local government structures.

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