Video- The confession scene in the journey by Muhammad Ramadan achieves a very high viewership!

The 14th episode of the series Al-Mishwar by the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan witnessed very interesting and enthusiastic events, as the events of the episode topped the trend on social media, and the events of the episode revealed the secret of “Maher”, whose role Muhammad Ramadan embodies, that he is related to “ Azza, whose role is embodied by the actressNada Moussa, and without the knowledge of his wife “Ward”, whose role is embodied by the Egyptian actress Dina El-Sherbiny.

After Maher admitted that relationship in front of Azza, she told him that she regretted everything she had done with Ward and that her conscience reprimanded her for betraying her old friend, and asked Ward to forgive her without telling her of her betrayal.
The confession and frankness scene achieved high viewing rates shortly after its publication, exceeding 11,000 views.

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