21 nov 2021 22:18 GMT

It is capable of reaching a top speed of 102 km / h.

The Swedish company Jetson Aero showed the amazing flight and maneuverability capabilities of its Jetson One electric aircraft, which is reminiscent of the hovercraft from the ‘Star Wars’ saga, in a video in which it is piloted in a forest.

According to the firm, the operator uses an acceleration lever and a ‘joystick’, similar to the controls of a video game console, as well as some pedals to control their movements, while a computer guarantees stability during flight.

“The excitement and excitement are phenomenal, much more incredible than what has been seen in Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters. Can you think of any manned aircraft capable of crossing the forest at full speed?” allusion to the maximum speed of 102 km/h that the device is capable of reaching.

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