video shows a remarkable technical demonstration on PS5 in 4K, with a new technology for the hair –

During SIGGRAPH 2022, Unit reveal a new one technical demo in real time, rendered on a PS5 with 4K resolution and frame rate of 30 FPS. The demo is called Leo (lion, as it is easy to understand from the video itself). The tools for creating this demo are: Wētā Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva, SyncSketch and of course Unity Editor.

One of the coolest aspects of the Lion demo for PS5 is the fur of the animalcreated with Wētā Digital’s new tool, Wig.

Sarah HansenUnity Technical Artist, says, “Wig is a different way of working, it is indeed the fastest hair creation tool I have ever used. A high quality creation, which would take me several months in another care package, is very faster to build in Wig It only takes a few weeks, and some steps go from weeks of building with other tools to one or a few days in Wig, with much better quality levels and more customization by the artist… Even when you to respond to detailed feedback notes from the art direction, such as adjusting a specific string from a reference shot, it’s easy to be a writer in Wig.

Unit was then updated to be able to support millions of individual hairs, all moving independently. “Improvements include a new GPU-driven clustered hair simulation, which allows millions of hair strands to react dynamically in real time – this is part of Unity’s new Hair System released on GitHub. This approach is simulation-based. of hair that used for Digital Human’s incredible display, Enemies, and expands the ways to efficiently manage large numbers of hair strands via GPU.”

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“For the rendering of hair and fur, Unity’s graphics developers designed a series of improvements to a GPU tile-based software rasterization algorithm in HDRP, with significant optimization for rendering several million unique strands of hair. . This method resulted in fluid images with analytical anti-aliasing and independent transparency for the hair strands and improved physics-based advanced hair lighting models for a cinema-quality rendering of the hair strands.

Unity said that these improvements will be in hair and fur simulation and rendering released to the public with Tech Stream 2023.1.

If you’re into tech demos, here’s a video showing off a fan-made Japanese setting for Assassin’s Creed Infinity in Unreal Engine 5.



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