In the images, it is possible to see how a subject, dressed all in black, pretends to have mechanical damage in his vehicle before delivering several shots to the head of his victim.

Jermaine Dixon is the name of a 47-year-old man who was murdered last Monday, September 6, in broad daylight in an area of ​​the populous neighborhood of Queens, in New York, United States.

The crime was captured by a security camera that recorded the cold-blooded murder committed by a subject who, so far, has not been able to be identified.

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In the images, released by the account of the New York Police Department (NYPD), it is observed how the murderer pretends to have mechanical damage in his vehicle, when moments later Dixon appears on the other side of the street and begins to board his own vehicle.

The killer then quickly crosses the street and, without a word, repeatedly shoots his victim to death.

According to The New York Journal, most of the bullets hit the head of Dixon, who died at the time.

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The New York police released the video to request support in locating the murderer, who so far is a fugitive from justice.


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