12 oct 2021 08:10 GMT

A video posted on the South Korean company’s YouTube account shows how the devices are subjected to four different tests.

Samsung has published a promotional video in which it demonstrates the resilience of its Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 5G, its folding smartphones launched last August, amid complaints from users about the damage suffered by the screens of their recently released phones. bought.

In the video, posted on the South Korean tech giant’s YouTube account, the devices undergo four different tests, including one environmental chamber which guarantees the playback of videos and the operation of the cameras in different types of weather.

Likewise, the company showed a test of the water resistance of its mobiles, folded in different positions, and carried out a test on the compatibility of its devices with its S Pen stylus. According to the company, the Galaxy Z series phones passed the durability test by being folded 200,000 times, which is equivalent to about 5 years of active use.

The video comes several weeks after reports began circulating about the cracks that appear along the fold line the su Galaxy Z Flip3.

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