VIDEO. Pro D2. The extremely rare gesture of Peter Lydon who confused rugby and American football

The Pro D2 match between Narbonne and Rouen was the scene of a gesture rarely seen on a rugby pitch. We are talking here about a forward but not just any. We play the 71st minute and Narbonne leads 16 to 9. The locals are within range of a converted try from the visitors. But Lucas Méret has the opportunity to give enough air to his people at long distance. If his kick is powerful enough, but he does not pass between the poles. The officials do not raise their flag and Peter Lydon recovers the leather.VIDEO. MHR – Stade Rochelais. The terrible error of Charles Bouldoire costs the victory to his teamThe Irishman will then choose not to flatten, but to pass to a teammate in front of him. Suddenly, no one hit. But the field referee reacts and whistles against the Irishman. The latter simply did not flatten before passing the ball like an American football quarterback. An unusual gesture that ultimately did not change the final result. Rouen did score a try at the end of the match which could have been the equalizer. But in the meantime, Méret passed a new penalty for a success 19 to 16.

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