Video presentation – Abarth e-500: the scorpion puts the watt

She was alone in the world. No other microcitadine can boast of sportiness, as the Mini, in comparison, takes on the appearance of a bus. But the thermal Abarth 500 is condemned to the realm of punishment and the new standards. So she decided to electrify, but starting, as before, from a base of Fiat 500, the “e” version in this case. However, Abarth is not completely renouncing the thermals, at least for the moment. As it continues to sell its oil-powered 500s, there are no plans to replace them and other new models, still sourced from Fiat, are due to be announced by 2026.

Video presentation – Abarth e-500: the scorpion puts the watt

A 500 e aesthetically similar, but mechanically improved

But for a Turin to be worthy of wearing the Scorpion logo (which has also evolved), it must add three ingredients to the original: a new aesthetic, an improved engine and a reinforced chassis. For the latter, the Abarth engineers stripped the 500 one and stiffened the suspensions. According to the official press release from Abarth, the result should enable the driver to adopt a “frenzied” driving style. When we remember the comfort of the thermal Abarth, we can estimate that the term is not too strong.

The aesthetic differences between the Fiat 500 e ...
The aesthetic differences between the Fiat 500 e …
.. And the Abarth 500 st is not notorious.
.. And the Abarth 500 st is not notorious.

Under the hood, not everything is new either. The Abarth inherits the large battery of 42 kWh (37.8 usable) from the 500 st, the small one of 24 kWh is not included. On the other hand, the electric motor is inflated and rises to 155 hp while the basic version is satisfied with 118 hp. Result of the operation: a 0/100 km/h achieved in 7 seconds, which is not great, but, Fiat promises, the intermediate gears are better than on the thermal Abarth, which, with a torque of 235 Nm, lower if that of the thermal Abarth 695, seems surprising, since it had 250 Nm.

The new Abarth logo has also gone electric.
The new Abarth logo has also gone electric.

If the modifications between the Fiat 500 e are sensitive on the mechanical side, it is less so on the aesthetic side when we observe the two cars. The widening of the tracks by 24 mm and the lengthening of the wheelbase by 60 mm compared to the thermal Abarth are similar to the dimensions of the 500 e are not visible, nor are the changes in the front and rear bumpers spectacular not. Obviously, the rims are different and exclusive, like the logo that adorns the closed grille. Inside, you’ll have to go through the Scorpionissima launch range to sit in the handsome Alcantara-covered buckets, but the tinted glass roof is standard.

A dark and sporty interior, not unlike that of its Fiat cousin.
A dark and sporty interior, not unlike that of its Fiat cousin.

It is installed in these seats that we can find an Abarth sound, synthetic of course, and which is controlled from the dashboard. If you don’t want to fall into a somewhat artificial nostalgia, and it calls Abarth “comprehensive audio experience” we can be satisfied, and that as soon as the doors open and up to 20 km away, with the sound of an electric guitar, the solo of which should make passers-by in town smile.

A guitar or heat engine tune

Still, this first electric Abarth should provide some nice sensations, if only because of its weight, rather contained for an electric. It does not exceed 1,335 kg, that is, 45 kg more than the Fiat 500. Sensations that will be found especially when driving in mode “Scorpio Street” which delivers all the power of the car, while the position “Tourism” delivers only 135 hp. Side autonomy, if the figures are not yet known, should logically be less than that of the Fiat 500 e which is only 350 km, with a less powerful engine.

A Scorpionissima finish available to order.
A Scorpionissima finish available to order.

For Scorpions, the first orders are open today, at a price (excluding bonuses) of 43,000 euros, and 46,000 € for the convertible that also switches to electricity with the same specifications, it will be necessary to wait until the month of next February to be delivered from the first Italian watt-bombinet.

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