VIDEO | Penyagolosa will have the first mountain refuge-school in the Region

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Vicent Marzà, together with the General Director of Sports, Josep Miquel Moya, has met with the Mayor of Vistabella, Jordi Alcón, representatives of the Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing of the Valencian Community, elite athletes, clubs and associations linked to mountain sports to share the project Penyagolosa refuge-school, which is promoting the Ministry in the emblematic natural park Castellón.

A few months ago, the regional department processed the assignment of a building that belonged to the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition and which is located in the municipality of Vistabella del Maestrat, adjacent to the Sant Joan sanctuary and within the Penyagolosa natural park.

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Recreation of what the future refuge-school of Penyagolosa will be like

“We think that the putting into operation and the potential of the new space will mean another step in the policy of conservation and dissemination of the Penyagolosa natural park”

Vicent Marzà – Minister of Education

The mountain huts are equipments destined to promote and facilitate the practice of mountain sports in the natural places where they are located; are considered sports infrastructure and essentially exercise support functions in the practice of mountain sports, to support the safety of the people who practice these sports and of environmental and meteorological information in relation to the natural spaces where they are located.

As explained by the Minister Vicent Marzà, “we started the process to make the Penyagolosa refuge-school a reality. We think that the start-up and potential of the new space It will be a further step in the policy of conservation and dissemination of the natural park del Penyagolosa ».

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Family photo of the act that took place this Monday afternoon, presided over by Minister Vicent Marzà.

«We want the refuge to offer the overnight service, mountain sports promotion activities, sports technification, training of sports technicians and techniques and continuous training, information related to the natural park and support for environmental awareness tasks ”, he added.

“We want the refuge to offer the overnight service, activities to promote mountain sports, sports technification, training of sports technicians or information related to the natural park”

Vicent Marzà – Minister of Education

From the Department of Sports they have already started the process of the execution project and the head of sport has explained it to the people attending “because we want to share it from the beginning and listen to the contributions. The goal is power adapt the building and when the works are completed in a few years, make it the first Valencian mountain refuge also prepared for training in the sports technification of mountain and climbing modalities “.

“For now there is no center of these characteristics in our territory and our athletes have to travel to other places to obtain titles of mountain modalities, such as a mountain or high mountain guide ”, he explained.

The mayor of Vistabella, Jordi Alcón, talks during the event organized by the Ministry of Education. Mediterranean

Marzà also stressed that, “when it starts operating, it will favor the reactivation of mountain activities in an area as important as Penyagolosa, will allow us to better understand a referential natural setting for our territory and will be very beneficial, especially for the inland regions of Castelló and the surrounding towns, because it will combine respect for the environment and welcoming visitors ».

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Characteristics of the refuge-school

The action includes the rehabilitation of the building’s structure and its adaptation, as well as accessibility and equipment with everything that is necessary for its operation.

Sport of the Generalitat will initiate the bidding of the project of execution and the direction of the work for a value of about 65,000 euros. Once the project is awarded, the work will be requested, which is estimated at approximately 670,000 euros. In total, the Department headed by Vicent Marzà will allocate around 735,000 euros

Distribution by plants

It will be a space with a ground floor and a first floor. In addition a lift will connect the two floors. The facilities are designed to be environmentally friendly and energetically sustainable.

On the ground floor, a part of the unguarded shelter will be preserved; will have kitchen; there will be a multipurpose space where, in addition to dining room, training, promotion or technical activities may be developed; It will also have a room for the guards, a warehouse and a room for facilities.

On the upper floor there are planned two bedrooms that can accommodate about 50 people; There will also be two areas for bathrooms, showers and changing rooms; the upper space will also have a lobby for lockers, where to store backpacks and material.


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