The artist Ahmed Saad published a new song entitled 100 accounts, and that song that combines him with the popular singer Hassan Shakoush, as he published it through his official channel on the site of views, YouTube.

Artist Ahmed Saad released the song 100 account with artist Hassan Shakoush:

And that song, titled 100 accounts, will combine for the first time between the artist Ahmed Saad and the artist Hassan Shakoush, the song from the words of Mahmoud Khalifa, composed by Ahmed Saad and the distribution of the music of Islam Chipsy.

And the popular singer Hassan Shakoush became famous through the song “Bint Al-Jeeran”, which was collected by the artist Omar Kamal late last year and achieved millions of views and fame among all the audience.

While the artist Ahmed Saad started his career since 2003 with the first album, entitled Ashki Lamine, while the album included eight songs, became famous through a large amount, and then he presented, Aani Singel, achieved great fame.

He sang in many famous dramas, including a song I asked myself, a song that is not the rest of me, and a song called on the campus, especially in the experience of acting more than once through the series We Are the Students and a movie about your situation.

Video clip for the song 100 accounts by Ahmed Saad and artist Hassan Shakoush: