VIDEO: María Becerra very caramelized with a girl after her breakup from Rusherking | DailyShow

There is a lot of mystery around the sentimental situation of Mary Becerra. The singer was going through a courtship of years with Rusherking although a relationship from Santiago while they were estranged was the reason for a breakup that included controversial tweets. However, everything indicates that they spent a vacation together in Mexico during the first days of 2022.

The truth is that the musical career of the former youtuber does not stop and the first song of the year that includes it has already been released. Is about “Quiet”, the new success of FMK that has the participation of the artist, who is also the protagonist of the video clip that generated a lot of commotion among his followers.

This theme shows the story of a young woman (Mary Becerra) who observes a girl who is with her boyfriend at a party. The crush was mutual, so “The Girl from Argentina” enlisted the help of her colleague to get the young man next to her drunk and get rid of him. There began the flirtation that did not materialize, as the video shows.

María Becerra very caramelized with a girl after her breakup from Rusherking

There were still no updates from the singer about her situation in love, despite the images that showed that she was staying in the same hotel as her ex-boyfriend. Everything indicates that they would have had an encounter, although now she is focused on her songs again after a well-deserved rest following a mobilizing 2021.




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