VIDEO: #LadyMiguelHidalgo goes viral; seeks to get people off his property

Valentina shared a transmission in which she points out that the tenants are members of an alleged mafia and hitmen who seek to take away her “property.”

Mexico City, May 27 (However) .– Through social media the case of #LadyMiguelHidalgo o #LadyKnife in which she is exposed to a woman threatening with a knife in hand to a domestic worker while refusing to be detained.

The woman identified as Valentina was interviewed by Millennium and detailed that the alleged victim of the video is an employee of Israel López Salazar, the man to whom he rented his house in April 2020, however, #LadyMiguelHidalgo said that he has not paid rent or basic services for months.

“I have been suffering mistreatment for a year, lack of payments, death threats and the day that the servant of these people, Israel López Salazar, who is a house robber, handcuffed me, he entered my house to try to keep my house. to steal the papers from my house, evidently I notified the authorities, ”the woman told the outlet.

Several videos were shared on Twitter showing fragments of the arrest and how the woman refused to go to the authorities. The police managed to detain Valentina for two days, according to national media.

Among the videos, he also highlighted one in which the alleged employee complains about wanting to murder her and Valentina replied “I never fit it for you”, while the alleged victim claimed: “What did you expect? Fit it? What would happen to me? … I have a family ”.

Later, the woman shared a transmission in which she points out that the tenants are members of an alleged mafia and hit men who seek to take away her “property”, so she will seek to put them in jail. For this reason, he asks his “followers” to make his complaints go viral.

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