VIDEO: He went to the bank and when he left he was violently assaulted in Tlalnepantla

VIDEO: He went to the bank and when he left he was violently assaulted in Tlalnepantla

The delinquency occurs in different ways and in various parts of the country, manifests itself as extortions, robberies y assaults armed hand no matter what time of dayAn example of these situations is the shooting occurred on April 14 in the Historic Center of the Mexico City that he left as balance two lifeless people. In this context, in the Mexico state there was an assault that was captured in a video of surveillance and that, in the same way, shows the delinquency in this part of the metropolitan area.

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Through Twitter, the user @Sw3Athlete shared a video of the criminal act of which he was a victim on Monday, April 3 in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, Mexico state. The clock showed 11:44 a.m. when the victim was walking on a street in the Mexican municipality and immediately noticed the presence of the raiderswho were aboard a Yamaha MT03 motorcycle And they were heading straight for him.

The subjects knew that the victim had gone to the bank. | PHOTO: Twitter @Sw3Athlete

The vehicle was still moving when the co-pilot got out and he drew his gunthen he pointed it directly at him and the man’s reaction was to give him what he brought and bend with apparent nervousness, although it seemed that the assailant was not satisfied, because he approached and took something from his right pocket. At the same time, another man appeared, probably the victim’s companion, since he approached, but his belongings were not taken from him.

According to what the user referred to, the robbery occurred when left the bankso they knew perfectly well that he was wearing money I get, besides that apparently yes detonated his gunonly that it did not manage to hurt him, which could explain the nervousness with which he delivers his belongings at the time of the robbery.

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The assailants committed another crime in which a man died

Almost a month after the criminal act shared on Twitter, the assailants committed another robobut on this occasion, in the municipality of cuautitlan izcalli. It was last May 5 where the assailants opened fire on a man and the murdered in broad daylight in the parking lot of the St. Mark’s Square.

According to the first reports, the man had just withdrawn cash from an ATM located on the chalma avenue in the Jardines de la Hacienda neighborhood, near the highway Mexico-Querétaro and just as it happened in the robbery of TlalnepantlaThey were traveling on a motorcycle. Presumably, the victim would have been watched by the criminals when they realized that she had money with her, so they approached her car and attacked her with a gun.

But the victim resisted the assault, which caused the subjects to shoot him Cold-bloodedThey then fled, leaving the approximately 50-year-old man lifeless inside his vehicle, a Versa car. Finally, elements of the Municipal Police and the Forensic Medical Service (Semepho) of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (SLEEP) to perform the body lift.


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