VIDEO – Gims in “Sept à Huit”: “I am a child of the people of France”

CONFIDENCES – He is one of the most popular singers in France. Gims gave himself to Audrey Crespo-Mara in “Sept à Huit”. An interview where he talks about his childhood, his family and France.

While he must go back on stage for his “Decade Tour”, the singer with 6 million albums sold confided in Audrey Crespo-Mara this Sunday in “Seven to Eight”. And he won’t take off his dark glasses throughout the interview. “I’ve had them for so long, I’ve done so many things with them, that it would be crazy to take them off there now. It scares me”, admits Gims with a smile. The singer who started with Sexion d’Assaut before starting a solo career 8 years ago has managed to switch from rap to urban pop with flying colors.

He has also, in passing, discovered a baritone voice. “A martin baritone voice because I can go up in the treble and go down in the bass”, corrects the singer who filled the Stade de France last year with 72,000 spectators. His dream today? Perform at the Opéra Garnier. “It’s one of my favorite places in Paris. I would like to perform there with everything that goes with the place: the men would arrive in suits and bow ties, the women with beautiful dresses, the little binoculars. . This is my dream”, admits the singer who has known an incredible fate.

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Dadju is my pride because he is my brother. But in the standings, he must stay behind me!– Gims

Born in Zaire under Mobutu, his parents decided to flee the dictatorship and land in France without work, paper or accommodation. Gims grew up lugged from squat to squat. “I was a little migrant and by some miracle we stabilized”, remembers the 35-year-old artist who says the recreation center helped him get by. “I learned the history of France, French artists, art”. This is also where he discovered the scene at the age of 9, playing in The Bourgeois Gentleman. “I realize that I like it, I enter into the culture, into the pride of France. This is where they applaud me for the first time.” Always on the line, he hangs out daily among the dealers. “I didn’t fall into it because I was passionate about everything I discovered. Art saved me from it all because I was busy”, he admits.

Today, music has become a family affair: his brother Dadju is also enjoying considerable success. “Dadju is my pride because he is my brother. He comes to solidify the fortress. But in the ranking, he must stay behind me!”, he laughs. Something to make their parents proud. “We would have to find another word much stronger, it is beyond pride!”.

There is no greater injustice than blaming someone for a color they did not choose– Gims

According to him, is France today heading towards more interbreeding or more identity communitarianism? “France remains a country of miscegenation no matter what. There is no greater injustice than blaming someone for a color they did not choose. I don’t remember choosing my color “, Gims reacts. “In general we blame someone for acts or facts, not for something they have not mastered. For me racism is one of the greatest injustices.”

Speaking of racism, has he suffered from it? “I suffered from it as a kid, of course. I was called a monkey, macaque or dirty black. What shocks me is to tell me that children are still treated like that today. , in 2021. There is a job that has not been done “. Is France a racist country? “I cannot say that France is a racist country, because that would be to condemn innocent people, people who are not. I am a child of the people, of the people of France. I was born in Kinshasa, but I took my first steps and my teeth here “, continues Gims who believes that even if “the evil is there, it is the good which dominates”.

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