Video games: the PlayStation 5 will be available on November 19 in France

The new console war is on. Last week, Microsoft was the first to announce the price and release date of the latest versions of the Xbox, the S and X Series. On Wednesday evening, Sony responded by revealing that the PlayStation 5 would be available on November 19 in France, one week after its release in the United States and Japan and nine days after the arrival of the new Xbox.

Another eagerly awaited information: the selling price of this PS5, which takes over from the PlayStation 4, sold around 110 million copies since 2013. Two versions of this new generation console will be available. The first, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, will be sold with a controller at 399.99 euros. With this console, it will only be possible to play games purchased online from the PS Store. It will cost 100 euros more to get the classic PlayStation 5, equipped with a disc player.

VIDEO. The full Sony conference

Sony and Microsoft have both adopted the same strategy by offering two versions of their console. The Xbox Series S, without a disc drive, will be sold for 299 euros. It will cost 499 euros for its big sister, the Series X. A price difference can also be explained by the fact that the Series S and X will not have the same technical characteristics.

New games announced

With the PlayStation 5, Sony promises ever more realistic and thin graphics and much shorter loading times, reduced to a few seconds. For the PS5 to be a commercial success, everything will of course depend on its catalog of games.

Sony took advantage of Wednesday’s conference to make some announcements on the matter. The PS5 will notably offer “Final Fantasy XVI” exclusively on consoles. The first images of a role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe, “Hogwarts Legacy”, have also been unveiled, but this title will also be playable on Xbox.

VIDEO. The “Hogwarts Legacy” trailer

In conclusion, the Japanese manufacturer revealed a nice surprise to fans of “God of War” and the adventures of Kratos by revealing that a new opus was on the way. But it won’t be before 2021 …

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