Video games, how many calories are burned in two hours: shock study

Video games, how many calories are burned in two hours: shock study. Did you know? Nobody thought it had this effect on our bodies, here’s how and why.

Playstation (Pixabay)


As reported by ‘’, a study has certified that even playing video games is possible burn calories! According to ‘stakester’, 2 hours at the console or at the PC would lead to burn about 470 calories, or the equivalent of an hour’s bike workout.

The ‘diagnosis’ came after a study carried out on 50 players who played for about two hours playing FIFA and Call of Duty, finding this sensational since no one could certainly expect. However, the site reports that someone had already found similar results: it is the Queensland University of Technology, a university in Australia that in 2020 had conducted similar experiments.

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Video games, how many calories you burn in two hours!

Playstation console
Playstation (Pixabay)

But what would be the reason: try to explain it Tom Fairey of Men’s Health: “It is not as strange as it seems for several reasons: playing, the player feels emotions and sometimes increases the heart rate in ‘extreme’ situations; in this sense there is a caloric expenditure, even if surely no one could ever expect this quantity. “

So, if you want to help you lose weight and lose weight, playing video games could be for you! Obviously that’s a joke, although those extra calories to burn can still help you if you give up junk foods and train properly.

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Would you like to give it a try? Put on your favorite and most challenging game and let’s see if, at extreme levels, you will see these results in the long run …



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