VIDEO. Fight between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber in Ibiza

PEOPLE – We must not piss off Legolas. A fight broke out Wednesday, July 30 in Ibiza between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, because of an insulting sentence from the singer.

The scene took place in the early morning at the exit of the Cipriani restaurant. Justin Bieber would have shown himself very familiar with the interpreter of Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, who obviously did not appreciate. According to the site TMZ, the singer would have launched a charming “what’s up bitch” (how are you bitch). Orlando Bloom would then have tried to hit Justin Bieber who would have dodged the blow.

But not everything turned out like this according to a source in the Daily Mail. “Justin was cordial, and everything was fine. Then Orlando got pissed off when he saw Justin, and started it off by throwing a punch at him,” he explained. The two stars were quickly separated by those present during the altercation.

Then, according to TMZ, Justin Bieber would have “fled” immediately after the incident, in front of a panel of stars present in the restaurant, Paris Hilton and P. Diddy in the lead.

Justin Bieber, who is no longer a provocation, would have subsequently posted on his Instagram account a photo of model Miranda Kerr, ex-wife of Orlando Bloom, in underwear, before deleting it.

The singer thus fueled a rumor dating from 2012. That year, he would have found Miranda Kerr backstage after a Victoria’s Secret parade. The two are said to have been more than close after the show, while the model was still married to Orlando Bloom. Who had been surprised to him alongside Selena Gomez, ex of Bieber, in April during a party …


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